Apply for Tailwind Lead Designer job position

Who is Lead Designer?

I have always been the best person to connect with developers, Maybe because I’m interested in the development. But I have never made a claim about this 😉 And a good Lead designer must have a good understanding of the work and expertise of the entire team.

This is Sayid, a Product Designer at Freelance.

One of my tasks has always been to provide a design structure that integrates and streamlines the system (principle). So always expect the most regular output from me. I currently live in Istanbul (Turkey) and work remotely with two companies. I have been familiar with Tailwind for some time and have used it in two recent projects, but here I am the product designer and the project manager decides what technology the developers will use. in my opinion, a good product designer should have information in many areas to be able to create different outputs.

I have specialties in the field of Front-end development, Photography, Lighting, Motion design, Videography, Scenario and Storyboard, Stop motion, Printing design, Decorator and etc.

I do not have excellent writing skills, but I am a good speaker and I can finally convey the concept to the audience. I am a good learner and I am always ready for new learning. Finally, you need to know about me that professionalism is the best thing for me

About Sayid

I am a Product UX/UI Designer with 10+ years of experience and a passion for product design, digital web analytics & the Growth of startups. I have impressed thousands of users with their view of the digital world.
Currently working at MizApp, The First Businesses Network in Iran as a Product designer and working as a freelancer on online platforms like Upward, Fiverr, Xing and etc.

I know how to work Remotely, also I do similar tasks to a product designer such as analytics, research, customer development, copywriting, and design itself. An enthusiastic designer who is constantly engaged in creating innovative products and services across digital platforms. My online portfolio proves a huge advocate for driving user experiences, visual branding, and designing the visual identity in branding from start to finish. Developing visual and digital ideas using detailed designs and prototyping tools makes my artworks distinctively outstanding and peerless. I am truly enthusiastic about working in teams and sharing feedbacks with customers and colleagues to explore more challenging techniques and methodologies. I lead a supportive attitude toward customers to help them achieve what they wish to receive.

Skills and abilities

  • Interaction design
  • Wireframe & Prototyping
  • UI Visual Design
  • Design thinking
  • Copywriting
  • Analytics, Icons
  • Presentations
  • Task Flow & Mockups
  • HTML / CSS / JavaScript
  • Google Analytics & Firebase
  • Trello / Slack / Jira / Git
  • Mac Osx
  • Figma / Adobe XD / Sketch
  • Adobe Creative Suite
  • Principle / Zeplin / ProtoPie
  • everything project need

Experience specifically for this position

Miz App as Product designer (Ariana Co)

I am currently working on a Miz project. Miz is a map-based application, and with the help of this app, people can more easily access the businesses around them. In terms of functionality, this app is similar to the Yelp site. Of course, it has been designed and implemented according to the user experience of the Iranian people. In this project, I reviewed and analyzed the structure of the app and made all the required TaskFlows. Wireframe, UserFlow, Usability tests, Formal UX element, UI, and control outputs.

A full presentation of the project will soon be available in Figma Community, Behance

Rokao WebApp as UI/UX designer

This project is being implemented and developed in the UK and will be released soon. Rokao is a presentation and sharing platform that will be used within organizations for sharing and description. In this project, I am responsible for integrating designs and applying the principles of user experience. This project is being produced entirely using Tailwind and uses a dedicated icon package collected by me.

In next 3 month I will share this design in Figma community

Font IconPack for Tailwind Icons

For convenience in developing projects, I converted the Tailwind icons (provided by Heroicons) to a font pack and put it on Github so that other developers can use it as well. Use this font pack for free

Education and Certifications

Bachelor of Science, Computer Engineer – Software
Sadjad University of Mashhad 2007 – 2016

Introduction to UI Design
Coursera (University of Minnesota) Issued Jun 2020

It could be the best thing in my life to join a successful team like Tailwind. But even if I am not a good choice for this job position, I am happy and proud to have participated in such an opportunity.